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I design experiences.
Christopher Leary LLC is the work of a New York based multi-platform UX, UI, & web designer.

Review a sample case study from one of 60+ clients to read about my work focus as a business challenge problem-solver and designer.


10+ years experience. Review a sample case study.


Requirements gathering

All clients have specific needs – understanding how these needs evolved, and their entire scope leads to successful design and implementation.

Technical research

Leveraging technical abilities, and understanding limitations leads to a fully fleshed out product.

User research and testing

Landscape analysis provides a viewpoint to established standards to build upon and evolve.


Wireframes define and document design requirements along with specifications allowing discussion of interaction.


Clickable prototypes mimic user interaction and flow, leaving no surprises in execution.

Usability analysis

User behavior, both in established products and within in-flux products lead to an understanding of potential hurdles, and successes.


Discover & Plan

I ask lots of questions and document what you're after. The goal of this phase is to gain a deep and intuitive sense of your goals and timeline. I take what we learned in the discovery phase and transform it into an action-plan. I also define/refine the budget, timeline, technology, and deliverables (such as briefs, sitemaps, and content outlines) needed to complete the work.


This stage is where the design and concept begin to take shape within sketches, wireframes, and prototypes. I keep refining ideas until we've found the best possible solution.


Now that the vision and solution are nailed down, we can start executing. In this phase, I maintain quality assurance through each build level of the product.


Even at launch, user testing, quality assurance, and reviews ensure an optimal product.

Maintain & Grow

After the project is launched, I establish a roadmap for constant improvement through iterations and future enhancements. Together, we discover the true results of user success through interaction, and grow as necessary.

"With a formal education in programming (HTML, C/C++, et al) I’m able to incorporate technical advantages and avoid detriment when defining, scoping, sketching, mocking-up, and quality-checking design implementations."

Review a sample case study from one of 60+ clients.

Sample case study

Below is a sample case study* from one of 60+ clients.

*Due to sensitivity of the actual product & client, all content has been altered.

WhoIs, a Facebook application, allows a community of 10 million+ users to highlight trends by reporting physical location and status. A by-product of this integration with Facebook created an incredibly rich set of data - one that gives an opportunity of integrating real-time check-ins with the ability to follow/friend fellow users physically nearby and additionally those who share similar interests. The team wanted to expand the embedded Facebook app into its own iOS version (integrating all data of course), simultaneously increasing overall engagement.

Research & discovery

I started by having a scoping session - collecting everything that was already in the existing WhoIs team's heads. There was also a plethora of other checkin apps to explore and learn from. I determined overall that users loved the Facebook app because of its simplicity, and any changes would need careful consideration.


I started with sketches. And since initial whiteboard drawings are informal, anyone could easy contribute and add to whiteboard sketches and draw new ideas. As these ideas solidified, I refined them creating high fidelity wireframes and then designs. It took a few iterations before there was a direction that we were all happy with. It wasn't perfect, but it was sufficient to be built as an alpha version and then able to immediately gather feedback via user interaction through metrics.

wireframeswireframeswireframes partial wireframes
wireframeswireframeswireframes partial designs
wireframes partial UI library designs

Projects can thrive when I'm working alongside a back-end development team. In this case, I worked with developers in weekly sprints, going from concepts to design to functional prototypes in a matters of weeks (instead of months). We went through multiple iterations using this process before settling on a preferred user flow. I was also able to quickly flag any quality assurance concerns.

Testing & insights

Findings of usability testing in the live, albeit alpha, product were incredibly useful by identifying a number of issues in maintaining user engagement. Within 30 days, we had a 40% increase in user interaction. In 90 days, we had an increase of 125% in user engagement. A continual eye on metrics allowed a seemingly never-ending tweaking to continually increase engagement through A/B testing.

After a few iterations we felt that issues that were identified in testing had been solved, and now could focus on small details that make the experience not only polished, but a visual pleasure to use.

Start a dialogue with any questions you may have.


Start a dialogue with any questions you may have.

I have been fortunate to work with great clients over the last several years. Here are a few (but most definitely not all):

Entertainment & Art

Barjon Gallery
Blue Ball Circuit Events
Guy Rozenstrich
Josh Koppel Productions
Kelsy Davis & The Radical Soul
K O Modeling
Parker in the Park!
Pegasus Modeling
Sony BMG Music Entertainment incl:
   Hey Monday
   Joshua Radin
   Metro Station
   Pete Yorn
Spaceman Media


Insurance Information Institute
Insurance Information Network of Californa
Insuring Florida

Museum & Educational

Center for Individual Excellence
International Spy Museum
Malrite Corporation
Maltz Jupiter Theatre
Museum PR
National Museum of the United States Army
New Media Institute
Spitfire LTD


Atlantic Theatre Company
Internet Hall of Fame
Institute for Palestine Studies
The Jerusalem Fund
New Media Awards
Potomac Executive Network
Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League
UNC London
Uyghur American Association
Uyghur Human Rights Project


The New Republic
Washington Blade

Real Estate

Orsid Realty


Townhouse Restaurant Group


CoffeeShop Depot
Cornerstone Discount
Cultivating Lifestyles
Don't Be A DirtBag Soaps
Duryea Marketing
Go Green Closet
Innercity Components
Laughlin Landscapes
Living Screens
Mantra International
Marsocci Interiors
Phoenix Roze
Primce Placements, Inc
Space Coast Lawn & Landscape
Splenda Journey
Spy Museum Store

Social Media

Snap Interactive


Executive Travel Associates

Utility & Technology

CyberSecure Technologies Inc.
Digital Criterion
European Utility Telecom Conference
Galen Technologies Group
Mox Media
OpEd Blogs
United Power Line Council
United Telecom Council Canada
United Telecom Council Europe
United Telecom Council Spectrum Services
United Telecom Council


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